NaNoWriMo – Keep Your Writing Goals in Check

Nanowrimo for screenwritersIt’s about time to check into your NaNoWriMo progress. It’s at this phase most of us reflect on the previous week, wondering where the time went and how we did so much thinking without ever putting anything down on the page. If this is you, challenge yourself to set aside 20 minutes today – maybe it’s when you get home from work – maybe it’s a lunch break – may it’s when hell freezes over – but make it a date. Say 8pm rolls around, I want you to stare at that clock, ponder your failing commitment, and for godsake type those first words. They will be painful. They might even be awful. But they will be yours.  Continue reading


How To Use NaNoWriMo for Screenwriting

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Write Your Screenplay In One Month!!!

Use National Novel Writing Month to jump-start and inspire your screenplay during the month of November. So maybe you’re not feeling your inner novelist, but that screenplay you’ve been mulling over is just dying to come out. Band together with the writing community for motivation, and have at it! Trust yourself to dive in, don’t worry about being perfect, and let it be fun.

Try this NaNoWriMo Screenwriting Calendar to keep you on track: NaNoWriMo Screenwriting Calendar.

Let me know how your screenplay is coming along!