Roadmaps and the Advice of Others

Eutah Mizushima

Photo by Eutah Mizushima via Unsplash

I’m always looking for a roadmap. One that will take me across the world. One that will illuminate some sort of path to career perfection. One that defines a successful relationship. There’s a great deal of distress in hacking your way to success with some sort of homemade machete. It’s crude, hard to watch, and a lot of effort – effort that may or may not make any leeway. There’s the pain of it…

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Seriously Slacking

Photo by Vadim Sherbakov via Unsplash

Photo by Vadim Sherbakov via Unsplash

Life is that thing happening around all of the other things we’re trying to get done to make a “life” for ourselves. Rather than being poetic, it mainly just sucks. Never did I think I’d be living the romantic notion of a work of literature, a written dream of life, where I’m constantly half struggling, half glued in uncertainty. Continue reading

Central Culver City

Photo by Maria Carrasco via UnSplash

Photo by Maria Carrasco via UnSplash

Downtown Culver is kind of adorable. It’s this cute little strip of the city where they wrap the trees in string lights, giving it a cozy, romantic atmosphere. Bars and restaurants have outdoor seating for you to enjoy the Los Angeles weather. When I say I’m going to Culver, this is normally the part I’m talking about. Culver City itself is a diverse mix of families and lumberjack looking hipsters/film production kids. It’s a large section of Los Angeles wedged in a corner by the 405 and 10. Continue reading