Any Possibility – Screenwriting Resource

It’s not that I’ve disappeared, I’ve created a new site dedicated to screenwriting called Any Possibility. Check out Any Possibility as a resource to help you stay motivated, concentrated and engaged in screenwriting. If you sign up for the newsletter, you get awesome freebies like worksheets, checklists, and more to help you organize your work and your brain.

Because screenwriting is the number one thing that I love, I’m all about encouraging writers to write while I do the same. So, let’s cheer each other on! The world needs a few more cheerleaders since we’re all stocked up on critics. I’ve got your back.

I’d love to connect on Facebook and Twitter. Or if you’re more of a picture type of person, I’m on Instagram too.

Do what you love and do it all the time! I’ll check back in here if I have some exciting travel adventures or stories to share.

xoxo Sam


Networking: How To Not Die In A Sea Of Your Own Word Vomit

Photographed Image by Camila Damasio

Photographed Image by Camila Damasio

Networking is bullshit. It’s the most necessary piece of bullshit I’ve ever seen, especially in Los Angeles, but then again, strong words for strong feelings. So while you’re wading through the crap, congratulations, you’re doing something that’s supposed to help you. Let’s see if there’s any way to make sense of it. Continue reading

How to Hollywood

Breaking L.A. down by district, this week we start in…

“Xu Fangfang” Photo by Jonathan Kos-Read


There’s this beautiful image of Hollywood in my mind – one where Marilyn Monroe laughs into Cary Grant’s arms, and we all sip cocktails while listening to Sinatra. Then there’s reality, where the Hollywood sign sits on a hill overlooking an area drenched in seedy shops, tourist traps and a boulevard of broken dreams. Continue reading