Salt & Straw – Ice Cream on Larchmont


Salt & Straw brings homemade Oregon ice cream down to Los Angeles in their Larchmont store. It’s no surprise that Salt & Straw would settle in Larchmont Village because this is, by far, the quaintest and cutest corner of L.A. Open from 10AM to 11PM, it’s either a blessing or a curse for those late night ice cream cravings. Continue reading


Los Angeles Coffee Shops for Writers

Original Photo by Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash

Original Photo by Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash

Writers mill into their favorite coffee shop early in the morning – if they’re smart – or midday – if they’re ready to fight for an outlet. At any spot in Los Angeles, you’ll walk in for your coffee and past a series of glowing LCD screens, displaying the clear markings of a screenplay draft. “INT. APARTMENT – DAY” peaking out from someone’s spot by the window.

I usually glimpse those words over a hunched shoulder or in the furrowed brow of that dude hugging the wall in the corner. The Hemingways of our generation – except this go around entails a $5 coffee and a $120,000 American dream, which seems to guarantee a high rate of underemployment. Continue reading

Six Secrets of Paris: As Featured on News Cult

Photo via Unsplash by Anthony Delanoix

Photo via Unsplash by Anthony Delanoix

As featured on News Cult:

Paris is a city of secrets. You could spend a lifetime combing everything over, under, and in between but still finding more and more it has to offer. Since Paris is a popular tourist destination, if you go this summer be sure to take a look off the beaten path. Here are some suggestions:

Picnic in front of Pont Neuf

It’s a popular nightspot for young people because it’s free. Grab a bottle of wine and a guitar and head down the staircase at Pont Neuf. There’s a small peninsula sitting in the middle of the Seine called Square du Vert-Galant. Take in the city around you from the center of the river. Or try it during the day. Continue reading

Central Culver City

Photo by Maria Carrasco via UnSplash

Photo by Maria Carrasco via UnSplash

Downtown Culver is kind of adorable. It’s this cute little strip of the city where they wrap the trees in string lights, giving it a cozy, romantic atmosphere. Bars and restaurants have outdoor seating for you to enjoy the Los Angeles weather. When I say I’m going to Culver, this is normally the part I’m talking about. Culver City itself is a diverse mix of families and lumberjack looking hipsters/film production kids. It’s a large section of Los Angeles wedged in a corner by the 405 and 10. Continue reading