Los Angeles Coffee Shops for Writers

Original Photo by Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash

Original Photo by Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash

Writers mill into their favorite coffee shop early in the morning – if they’re smart – or midday – if they’re ready to fight for an outlet. At any spot in Los Angeles, you’ll walk in for your coffee and past a series of glowing LCD screens, displaying the clear markings of a screenplay draft. “INT. APARTMENT – DAY” peaking out from someone’s spot by the window.

I usually glimpse those words over a hunched shoulder or in the furrowed brow of that dude hugging the wall in the corner. The Hemingways of our generation – except this go around entails a $5 coffee and a $120,000 American dream, which seems to guarantee a high rate of underemployment. The kids who went to community college or state school can wipe that smirk off their face. Debt may be a four letter word, but it comes with the promise of hope. Or did. I’m not really sure anymore. I’ll just add another Americano on the bill to get me past the next five hours.

The coffee shop isn’t such a bad place to work. I admire these cliches, tapping into their dream with the touch of a keypad. Some are newbies, some are successes.  But the real success is writing every day. Like it’s your job. Even if you aren’t paid to do it. Even if you’re stuck with 5 pages of word vomit. Working that muscle and that skill set are imperative. Finding a workspace that suits you is too. It’s almost a communal office space. Enough music to tune out, enough people to get lost in. And hopefully something in Final Draft to show for it.

Best Coffee Shops To Write Out Of In L.A. 

Graffiti Cafe – Expensive coffee but an abundance of space. Parking lot out front and a public lot across the street.

Republic of Pie – Homey with a really nice staff. Lots of seating if you get there early. Great prices during happy hour. Four hour meter parking in the area. Look out for parking signs.

Caffe Vita – Good amount of outlets. Can get crowded, but seating circulates well, generally. Plenty of parking in the surrounding neighborhood. Look out for street sweeping days.

Bricks & Scones – A lot of seating, cute cafe in a great area. Can get crowded and street parking is “meh.”


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