Pay It Forward Friday – End of October

It’s that day again, Friday…but it’s also HALLOWEEN! So whether corgi costumes or psychedelic parties are your thing, the end of October has something to offer for everyone. Since sharing is caring, let me divulge on a few things.

Photo by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design via Gratisography

Photo by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design via Gratisography

It’s That Time Again

Time to find your inner novelist during NaNoWriMo. It’s a whole month and a whole website dedicated to making you write. They set a schedule for you, create a network of other novelists, and give you inspiration. I highly recommend that you try it if there’s a writer burning inside you. Odd imagery, but you know what I mean.

Blogs To Check Out

Flicks and Pieces – All your film, game, and television topics are right here. It’s a short easy style with great opinion pieces.

The Daily Post  – Whether you want writing prompts, blogging advice, or a community to share with, The Daily Post has all that and more to offer.

Nina Neulrin – She nominated me for the Liebster Award (used in blogging communities to promote interaction and showcase new blogs). She loves Korean culture (I love K-Pop) and traveling.

The Dancing Orange – A 20-something interested in lifestyle and travel, she blogs about everything from academia to fashion. Above all, she has a recent post of a pesto sandwich that I want to eat right now.


This month I’ve been busy becoming a contributing writer for two websites as well as working on freelance web writing. It’s exciting!

Newscult: The No Boundary News Source is a fantastic New York City startup. They describe themselves as a “one stop shop” for information. It couldn’t be truer. They cover everything from world news to pop culture to opinion pieces. I really love the voice and tone of this site, not to mention the great team they have over there.

You can read one of my posts here: Ten Time Wasters That Are Totally Worth It

Elitedaily: The Voice Of Generation Y is a site dedicated to showcasing the millennial voice. Their content is targeted towards 20-something. It’s informative, wide-ranging content that I love to read.

You can read one of my posts here: Expanding Your Circle (Making friends post-college)

What To Look Forward To

Derek Wilson will be doing another guest post on travel rewards points, going into more detail on how to start and what to do with them. His insight is amazing, so if you have any more questions for him let me know now, and I will relay them.

For To Do What We Love, I’m writing about new part of Los Angeles to share with you. It’s coming soon I promise!

Thank you for checking in and Happy Halloween!!!


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