Pay It Forward Friday

Hi Friday. How u do? I don’t have to spell out words properly; I’m too busy making my weekend plans. But hey, it’s a long day. Take some time to check out the below recommendations:

Photo by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design via

Photo by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design via

Say Hello To

The first thing I do in the morning is shut off my phone alarm. The second thing I do is open up my email and read theSkimm for five minutes. It’s like a friend telling you what’s up in the world (a straight-to-the-point, informed friend with a sense of humor and links to news sources).

This week they’ve shared news on things like an Ebloa patient dying in the U.S., Brazil’s elections, students in Hong Kong reviving protests after talks were cancelled, a typhoon hitting Okinawa, and Syrian Kurds fighting ISIS on control of the Turkey-Syria border. If this is all “news to you”, you should definitely sign up.

They have also informed me of this pillow. I want it now.

Blogs To Check Out

  1. The Hashtag Generation – Diving into fashion, world events, culture and more, this blogger uses her personal voice in conjunction with relevant, well-sourced content.
  2. Polka Dotted Blue Jay – Follow experienced Lifestyle blogger, Elise Jay, on her newly reported adventure to Italy.
  3. Arm Chair Therapy – Here you’ll find the musings of an experienced author and newbie blogger as he chronicles his thoughts and writing adventures.
  4. My So-Called Blog – Erin’s critiques and reflections on theater, film and television are so well articulated that you’d be crazy not to take a look.
  5. Rosie Rebel – Peek into one woman’s journey to attain a flawless face after a lifetime battling her own skin a la rosacea. Warning: She may have to cut out gluten.
  6. The Elephant in the Room – This blogger reflects on their personal journey through “depression, anxiety and Aspergers.” It is honest, thought-based writing, much like reading a diary.

Until next Friday, Friday. Don’t tell the other weekdays how much I miss you.


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