What To Do On A Bad Day

Bad days happen. Not gonna lie. Even the most optimistic of us sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the bed. And 5 more minutes of sleep isn’t going to do the trick. Here are some remedies for what you’re feeling:

Photo by Todd Quackenbush via Unsplash

Photo by Todd Quackenbush via Unsplash

1. Everything is annoying and I hate everyone.

You woke up feeling like a teenager. Happens to the best of us. Get outside of yourself. Pay someone a compliment, do a good deed, get in touch with old friends, call your parents… it’s going to be okay.

2. I love everyone and no one loves me.

You need a hug. If there is no one in your vicinity to do so, then you and a friend should download Miranda July’s app SOMEBODY. Your friend can send you a virtual hug, which a stranger in close proximity will deliver. Hug is too much? You can also send a high-five.

3. My dreams were mean to me.

Dreams have a way of doing that. Fuck you dreams. The worst. I recommend talking to a close friend or someone who cares about you to liven your spirits. If it was a dream where your lover calls you “fugly”, try not to angrily assault them. It wasn’t them. It was dream-them.

4. Life is ugh.

Go for a run! Unless you’re like, “Stop it. Who puts an exclamation mark after the word run when there’s no emergency?” I feel you, but get moving! Try walking or your preferred method of exercise. Real exercise, not fake exercise… I’m onto you and your loopholes.

5. Why me?

Read the news. Why does anything and everything happen? There’s always something worse going on in the world. There is also always something better – something to look forward to as well.

6. I’m tired.

Coffee. If you don’t drink coffee, well then, we’re at an impasse… I’m kidding. Tea? How about a cold shower? It’s like plunging into a crisp pool. It’ll snap you right out of it. Look, I didn’t say it would be fun. I implied it would wake you up.

7. It’s another day.

Yes! It is another day. You made it. Guy or girl, go to Pinterest and look at the quote categories. You’ll feel inspired.

8. All I feel is anxiety.

Puppy videos! You can’t feel anxious while watching a happy puppy. It’s scientifically impossible. And I know, I’m a scientist…of the heart. But not, like, a cardiologist or anything. More like an enthusiast of the metaphorical heart. Or something in that vein of… Yeah.

9. There is SO MUCH to do.

Life can be overwhelming, so be proactive about it. Make a ‘To Do List’ and start crossing off your responsibilities as you take care of them.

10. There is NOTHING to do.

Life can be underwhelming, but there is always something to do. I promise. Go the productive route (exercise, chores, personal projects) or the fun route (a movie, a book, an activity).

Don’t let your start be your finish. There is so much more of the day to live.


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